Concrete Restoration

A Concrete Overlay has been given many terms/names such as Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete Overlay, Skim Coat and Concrete Flooring. The concrete overlay will permanently cover up surface imperfections on existing concrete. With today’s decorative overlays, it’s easy to give almost any concrete surface, indoors or out, a complete face-lift and at a much lower cost than removal and replacement.

There are multiple options available for achieving any look imaginable with a concrete overlay. Our Concrete Overlays/ Polymer Cement Overlays consist of a proprietary blend of Portland cements, 20 various aggregates and proprietary hybrid polymer resins. Unlike conventional cement and concrete mixes, Concrete Overlays can be applied in layers as thin as a credit card or up to several inches thick without delaminating or failure. The overlay creates a chemical and mechanical bond with the substrate, now having a PSI of 5000-7000. Normal concrete has a PSI of 3000-3500.

Concrete Overlays adhere well to existing concrete and resist damage from salt, chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions, and abrasion. The Concrete restorations are much stronger than regular concrete and are used to resurface existing concrete. Concrete overlays can be created in almost any color, pattern, stamped or texture, thus making for a very decorative surface. With Concrete resurfacing your project can be just to, “re-new the surface”, or “one of kind decorative concrete project”. Sealing the concrete restoration/concrete repair will protect the concrete overlay from salts, stains, grease and wear. Proudly servicing Connecticut and Westchester, New York.

Overlays are great for many concrete surfaces, including:

  • Garages

  • Warehouses

  • Basements

  • Pools

  • Concrete Decks

  • Patios

  • Loading Docks

  • Restaurants

  • Driveways and Walkways

  • And More!



Stain or Dye?

Acid-Water Based Stains do more than just add color(s). Stains do not produce a solid paint like colored coating. Stains permeate into the concrete surface to create a rich, deep, and very translucent hues. All stains react chemically with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete, new or existing. Stains are much more marbling and translucent then dyes. Acid based stains leave a residue which must be cleaned up after the application. A limited number of colors to choose from with acid-based stains. Recently on the market, Water Based Stains, which are much easier to apply and no residue. With the water-based stains there are many more options for color choices. If the concrete is exterior and has been worn away, then a thin concrete overlay can be applied to achieve a great hardscape surface.

Dyes are very easy to use but you need a seasoned applicator because dyes penetrate extremely fast into the concrete surface, thus leaving no room for error. Numerous choices in colors.  Dyes are nonreactive in penetrating concrete, unlike stains. Dyes leave less residue on the surface. The small dye particles fill the pores of the concrete and are very hard to remove, making dyes as permanent as stains. Dyes are more uniform in color then stains.  Dyes are not UV stable, so interior use only.


Our Services

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Concrete Restoration

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Concrete Stamped Overlay

*Hardscape Design by DaVinci also recoats and refreshes Stamped Asphalt.
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