Top 7 Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring

Top 7 Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring


As they can be dressed up with a number of finishes, epoxy paints and flooring covers constitute one of the best solutions for a residential garage, basement, workshop and even commercial facilities. When painted properly, an epoxy floor offers an outstanding durability as well as slip, fire, water and impact resistant properties at the same time. Epoxy flooring will not give you too many headaches, while requiring as little cleaning and maintenance as possible. Let’s explore the main advantages of installing epoxy flooring.

1. Professional look

When installed properly, epoxy flooring keeps the room looking professional and well maintained. Epoxy comes in a wide variety of colors, thus allowing you the freedom to find a style that best suits your tastes and preferences.

2. The flooring becomes fire resistant

In general, most epoxy paints are fire resistant and they can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius (390 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to its flame retardant properties, epoxy is commonly used in airports, storage areas, explosive production facilities and fire escapes.

3. Improves safety

Some may argue that epoxy can become slippery when it’s wet. Then again, if you opt for a two-part acrylic epoxy system, your epoxy floors will confer a safe, slip-resistant surface. On a side note, if you want to apply an epoxy coating over a floor that sees a lot of traffic, then it’s recommended to opt for a system that includes an extra non-slip epoxy coating.

4. Epoxy is water and stain resistant

By applying a fresh coating of epoxy, you will immediately transform your cement floors into a non-porous surface that is resistant to water and stains. In addition, epoxy repels liquids so you won’t have any trouble cleaning up motor oil, grease, paint or other difficult stains. In fact, you will not need more than a clean rag and some soapy water to deal with even the most difficult messes.

5. It’s the ideal material for resurfacing

Take note that epoxy is a chemical solution that tends to even out on its own. In other words, if you want a smooth and even finish for your concrete flooring, epoxy is the right coating for you. In fact, epoxy makes it easy for you to address cracks and stains, as applying a new coating of the solution is all you will need to do to conceal them.

6. Easy and straightforward installation

Unlike other finish treatments you can apply to concrete, epoxy doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Simply clean the floor and dry it before you slapping on the epoxy coating. The importance of drying the floor before the application cannot be stressed enough. If the flooring is not dry, then the epoxy will not bond to the material properly and you’ll be forced to repaint in the near future.

7. Epoxy floors are an economical choice

Not only does epoxy last longer than other concrete finishes, but it’s also affordable, making it the perfect coating for even the busiest residence. Therefore, if you want smooth and clean-looking floors, but don’t have time to maintain them, epoxy floor is the perfect solution in your case.

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