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5 Pool Deck Surfacing Mistakes People Make That Cost a Fortune

If your pool deck has seen better days, it may detract from the overall value and appeal of your home. Many homeowners are in the position of having old concrete pool decking with cracks and other issues. This presents a major challenge if improving the look of the decking is the main goal. Here are five pool deck-surfacing mistakes people make that cost a fortune.

Weather Beaten Deck? 5 Tips to Save Your Deck against the Worst of Climatic Changes

Do you have concrete decking that has seen better days? If you have a sun damaged and weathered deck, you actually have a number of problems to solve and may think that the decking is beyond repair. While your decking may have faded, cracked and dulled to a shade of grey, it is possible to save or ‘revive’ your deck. Here are five ways to save your decking against the worst climatic changes.