How To Prepare Your Garage Floor For Epoxy Flake Application in 5 Easy Steps

How To Prepare Your Garage Floor For Epoxy Flake Application in 5 Easy Steps


Versatile, vibrant, extremely durable – these are the words that describe what an epoxy flaked flooring is all about. With a vast number of flowery words to characterize this surface, one would ask where it can serve its best purpose. The good news is you can use it anywhere! After all, epoxy flooring is recommended for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting one for your garage, then you should think of preparing the surface first before making applications.

1. Make the necessary inspections

Do not jump immediately to the process of choosing the right epoxy flaked flooring for your garage. This first step should be more important since it prepares you for the entire process of using one. Preparation would include inspecting the garage floors. This process is important to ensure that the existing concrete flooring will accept epoxy flaked coating. Sealed or painted concrete flooring will not accept epoxy.

2. Check on other essentials

If you think the garage floor is qualified for epoxy flaked coat because it is neither sealed nor painted, think again. There are still other essentials to check on. For one, you should take a closer look at the floor to see if it is damp or not. One of the signs of a floor being moist is the appearance of efflorescence on its surface. This is the white-powdery like spots that is usually formed on any surface indicating moisture. If signs are not visible though, you can always ask help from experts just to make sure the floor is ready for the process.

3. Get the floor cleaned

When you and the experts you have consulted agree on making the epoxy flake application, then you should proceed to cleaning the garage floor. For newly-installed garage floors, sweeping will do the trick. Anyway, in this case, the floor is certainly free from oil and damp. For older surfaces, you can consider wiping some not-so-damp cloth to remove dirt and stains. Taping plastic drop cloths on the surface will also be of help.

4. Make necessary repairs

If you want epoxy flaked flooring to work to your advantage, you should consider making repairs on your garage floor too. You can apply a garage floor coating on cracks but remember not to use latex-based products on it. Grinding areas with cracks to achieve that seamless look is necessary to make the floor look smooth and clean, ready enough for epoxy flake application later on.

5. Get help

The task is not left in your hands. You can always make consultation for the entire process by looking for experts on floor preparation. Consultation should not end with that part mentioned in step #2. You can always seek advice for all other essentials in the preparation including inspection, cleaning and repairs.

When you have adhered to all the steps mentioned above then for sure, you can now proceed to applying epoxy flakes on your garage floors. Once you have done that, your garage floors will deliver the same promises as those seen in the description of an epoxy flaked flooring – versatile, vibrant and extremely durable!

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