5 Top Tips To Remember When Opting For Color Epoxy Flaked Flooring For Your Garage

5 Top Tips To Remember When Opting For Color Epoxy Flaked Flooring For Your Garage


Are you so bored with the look of your garage because of the plain and dull appearance you see on the floor’s surface? Well, that should not be much of a problem now. You can always consider epoxy flaked flooring as an option for that garage floor renovation. These floor coating options are more than just the application to add durability to your floors. They have also been conceptualized to make the surface look more colorful. Now, how do you take advantage of such products? Here are five tips to bear in mind.

Choose from the wide array of colors available

Epoxy flaked floors are considered vibrant enough to add that aesthetic look to your flooring, whether for residential or industrial purposes. Vibrant as they are, you also get them in several colors. With these different hues available, you can always look for one that suits your taste, making sure that it actually matches how your home or establishment looks like.

Get the matching reflector enhancer for the chosen color

What makes certain epoxy flake coating products stand up a notch higher when compared to its comrades in the business are the added selections. One example of such is the reflector enhancer. Reflector enhancers provide decorative concrete finishes for concrete coloring, custom seamless flooring and for surface restoration.

Examples of these are rialto, orange gold, brass, Concorde grape, bubble gum and Cairo. These colors have hues that include almost all the primary, secondary and tertiary colors on the basic color wheel. Take note though that choosing one involves careful selection of the right shade to serve its purpose of enhancing the garage floor’s appearance.

Learn how the application process is done

Garage floor preparations would be necessary. Add to that though, you can also explore your knowledge on the entire process too. You should take note that colored epoxy flakes should be placed atop a coat of paint. When working on the application process on your own, you can apply top coat by portions or sections of the garage floor. From there, you can sprinkle the epoxy flakes over the surface working from a light sprinkling motion to a heavier one but ensuring proper distribution of the flakes until such time you have achieved the look you want. Pay much attention on how the flakes could enhance the look of your garage floor rather on consuming the whole pack of epoxy flakes just so they will not be put to waste.

Keep it clean

The task requires not just proper selection of colors and enhancers to achieve that look you want. You should remember putting on effort to clean the surface as you go through the process. Cleaning includes sweeping the floor or using vacuum cleaners to remove any loose flakes from the surface. This process keeps the surface flawlessly clean thus bringing out the colors of the epoxy flakes.

If you are not sure, always ask

Consultations are necessary when choosing colors for your epoxy flaked flooring. If in doubt, you should always extend your research which means either reading more about the entire task or asking the help of able service providers like Hardscape Design by DaVinci who have the best experience when it comes to such applications.

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