5 Pool Deck Surfacing Mistakes People Make That Cost a Fortune

5 Pool Deck Surfacing Mistakes People Make That Cost a Fortune


If your pool deck has seen better days, it may detract from the overall value and appeal of your home. Many homeowners are in the position of having old concrete pool decking with cracks and other issues. This presents a major challenge if improving the look of the decking is the main goal. Here are five pool deck-surfacing mistakes people make that cost a fortune.

#1. Removing The Old Concrete

While it is true that old concrete looks unsightly, removing and replacing it can be a huge mistake. Concrete costs a fortune to remove and relay and will never add the amount that it costs to the value of your home. Removing old concrete is one of the worse deck surfacing mistakes homeowners can make. Unless a sinkhole forms under your pool, there is rarely any structural need to replace concrete even if it is badly cracked, has surface discoloration or worse. Paying to remove concrete costs a fortune and you will never recoup your costs.

#2. Ignoring Cleaning

Concrete looks unsightly when it becomes dirty but simple cleaning is an often-overlooked solution. It is amazing how many pool owners jump straight into resurfacing options such as staining, stenciling or engraving without looking into cleaning options first. Professional cleaning firms will use pressure washers and degreasing agents to get even the most faded concrete back to its original color. Most cracks can be patched and color-matched to create an ‘as-new’ surface. Ignoring cleaning will cost you a fortune compared with what you should be spending.

#3. Resurfacing With Natural Stone

Many homeowners want the look of natural stone and believe that the only way to get it is to resurface the pool deck with that material. This mistake costs a fortune as the price of stone will never be reflected in the value of your home after work has been completed. Completely resurfacing concrete with a polymer-modified overlay is one way to upgrade the look of old concrete pool decking for a fraction of the price. You can choose from a wide variety of color and pattern options and get the look of natural stone without the price tag, thus saving yourself a small fortune.

#4. Relaying Concrete Instead Of Concrete Overlay

The next mistake that costs homeowners a fortune is trying to get a stamped or stenciled design using re-laid concrete. Some people are aware that concrete can be stamped or stenciled to mimic the appearance of natural stone or paving slabs. However, this costs far more than covering the existing concrete with a concrete overlay. Homeowners don’t realize that overlay can be sprayed on or trowel applied and stamped or stenciled with exactly the same patterns as newly placed concrete. Overlay can achieve the same look for a fraction of the price. In other words, overlooking overlay is a mistake that costs people a fortune.

#5. Choosing Concrete Over Polymer Overlays

The final mistake people make is choosing concrete instead of polymer resin overlay. The Concrete Network is independent and not related (or beholden) to any contractor, manufacturer, or supplier and notes that ‘many of today’s overlay products blend polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives to resist damage from salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions and abrasion’. Therefore, choosing concrete not only costs more up front but causes more in the future in maintenance costs.


If you are looking for concrete resurfacing in CT, be sure to avoid the five mistakes mentioned in this article. Leave us a comment below with the worse deck surfacing mistakes you have heard of.

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