5 Top Tips To Remember When Opting For Color Epoxy Flaked Flooring For Your Garage

Are you so bored with the look of your garage because of the plain and dull appearance you see on the floor’s surface? Well, that should not be much of a problem now. You can always consider epoxy flaked flooring as an option for that garage floor renovation. These floor coating options are more than just the application to add durability to your floors. They have also been conceptualized to make the surface look more colorful. Now, how do you take advantage of such products? Here are five tips to bear in mind.

Converting Your Old Office Flooring To An Epoxy Floor With Flakes

If you own a commercial property such as an office, there might come a time when you will be interested in changing your floor type into an epoxy flaked flooring. This type of flooring has features that make it ideal for use in such an environment, including longevity and ease of maintenance. Using it therefore means that your floor will look pleasing for longer, but without the high maintenance costs.

Top 5 Most Eye-Catching Concrete Floor Finishes

Because they believe it’s hard, cold and dull, most homeowners don’t even consider installing a concrete floor in their home. However, little do they know that concrete flooring has come a long way since the grey, tedious appearance they’re used to! In fact, with the appropriate finishing treatment, concrete flooring can elevate the looks and feel of your home. Let’s summarize some of the most striking concrete finishes to account for.

Is Concrete A Suitable Flooring Solution For Your Kitchen?

If you’re going to replace an existent floor surface covering with a concrete slab in your kitchen, then it’s mandatory to account for all moisture and water concerns. In modern homes, the concrete flooring is installed by placing a vapor barrier between the foundation slab and the ground soil. Therefore, the floor is sealed and water cannot travel from the ground upwards or from the surface of the flooring downwards.

Top 7 Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring

As they can be dressed up with a number of finishes, epoxy paints and flooring covers constitute one of the best solutions for a residential garage, basement, workshop and even commercial facilities. When painted properly, an epoxy floor offers an outstanding durability as well as slip, fire, water and impact resistant properties at the same time. Epoxy flooring will not give you too many headaches, while requiring as little cleaning and maintenance as possible. Let’s explore the main advantages of installing epoxy flooring.